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Trends of the multi-cloud

Increasing digital demands will place pressure on cloud service providers, the Nutanix report reveals. 62% of respondents cite application performance as one of the most important issues in choosing where to place workloads, while ease of management and cost are factors for over half of respondents to the report - 53% and 52% respectively.

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Performance, cost, and management are key business issues CIOs and organizations face when selecting cloud providers, so it is not surprising that for 97% of respondents, being able to move applications between cloud environments is important—and 61% say this is “essential”.

The Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Computing Index finds that consumer services sectors are running the highest number of workloads in the cloud. When it comes to keeping pace with the rapidly changing behavior of customers, consumer-facing CIOs can rise to the challenge best with a hybrid cloud environment.

Andrew Jordan, Chief Technology and Product Officer at Carlson Wagonlit Travel, is using artificial intelligence (AI) to create a customer-centric product, and AI requires the speed and scale of a hybrid cloud. With innovative apps and services, Jordan has enabled Carlson Wagonlit to keep their corporate travelers well-informed.

Jordan’s strategy increases the value of the services Carlson Wagonlit Travel offers, enabling their customers to be more productive when on business travel. The Enterprise Cloud Index study demonstrates that, like Jordan’s strategy, hybrid cloud increases the productivity of organizations. Nearly three-quarters (74%) of respondents said the efficiency of their organization’s IT team had increased as a result of cloud computing, and 77% of respondents cited an increase in IT efficiency since using hybrid cloud.

58% of respondents, including energy and utilities CIOs, are expecting to increase their workload levels in the cloud, the Enterprise Cloud Index reveals. With these sectors eying the opportunities that edge computing can offer, hybrid cloud will enable CIOs in these sectors to manage the vast data that sensors on utility infrastructure or energy plants will generate.

It is a fascinating time with a technology set that is moving so fast,”

– Craig Walker, Global CIO of Shell Downstream, says