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Hybrid cloud across the world

European CIOs lag behind their peers in the Americas when it comes to hybrid cloud adoption. But globally, the technology is going through rapid adoption, and more CIOs are embracing a hybrid approach to see a greater business transformation. Within the next 12-24 months, 43% of CIOs and organizations in EMEA are planning to use hybrid cloud. This jump means EMEA will surpass the Americas (39%) over the next two years, and APJ will catch up with 39% using hybrid cloud.

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One of the biggest pain points globally when adopting a hybrid cloud is finding the right IT talent. 88% of respondents say that hybrid cloud will positively impact their business, but hybrid cloud skills are scarce in today’s IT organizations. 47% of Americas, 54% of EMEA, and 63% of APJ organizations say they lack the internal IT skills, while 54% of the respondents say their organization has difficulty retaining IT talent.

Reaching this ideal IT operating model will require more comprehensive hybrid vendor solutions, as well as greater expertise in designing, building, and operating hybrid clouds. This report confirms this point, as Americas (92%), EMEA (84%), and APJ (87%) companies will continue to invest in reskilling their IT teams in hopes of finding the perfect cloud environment for their organization.